Sabrina PitmanWelcome to my flourishing website of artistic wonder. I created this platform for my fans, my friends and most importantly, myself. I have clay under my fingernails, paint on my favorite shirts and exuberance filling my heart. The arts have offered me a place of stillness and harmony and I hope to trigger those emotions in you.

The enthralling world of art grabbed me by the hands and never let go. We fell in love and created a life full of vibrant hues. The best of us are filled with alluring imperfections and elegant lines, we resemble art and art resembles us. My world is brimming with poetic creativity from jewelry, pottery and sculptures. I share my work with the my community, hoping to make it a more enjoyable and breathtaking place to live.

I thrive off of organic living and encompass a holistic lifestyle that I breathe into my artwork. There’s beauty in the simplicity and honor in the essentials. Working with items directly from the nature is both spiritual and healing for me, and I hope the end product adds that same depth and wonder to the recipient.

I invite you to follow my blog where I’ll share my expertise, events and products with you. In fact, on Sunday, June 8th, I will randomly select one of my fans and that person will receive a custom Sabrina Pitman gift. Just click the “Follow This Blog” button at the top of this page (on the black information bar) to enter this contest. I can’t wait to share my heart with the community, starting with you.

Yours Truly,
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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Sabrina, I am sooo proud of you and your passion for the arts! You are a true artist. Thank you for sending my items so quickly, being so unique, and customizing my pieces. Your plethora of talents are quite amazing! I love checking your ETSY website for new pieces of art. You are truly one of a kind! I love all of your work; it’s hard to pick a favorite. I have received so many compliments on my personalized jewelry and the pottery that I have displayed throughout my house, all thanks to you! I hope you are successful and I will be a returning customer!! I look forward to seeing more on your blog and website. Take Care.

  2. Sissy, You have no idea how happy this makes me that you made it in the art world! I always knew you could do it! From the start, even though you might not have known it, you have been one of my biggest inspirations. You never gave up on your dreams, and it just goes to show that no matter what, you can succeed in whatever you do. In the one week I came to visit you, you opened my eyes to so many talents that I didn’t even know I had, and I thank you for that! You keep doing what you do and I can’t wait for you to be known from all over the world! I love you soooo much and hope to be boarding a flight to Colorado sometime soon! Miss you Sissy!

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