Hi, I’m Sabrina Pitman, an artist residing in Longmont, Colorado. I cherish the outdoors and the 300+ days of sunshine we’re fortunate enough to enjoy in Colorado. I can’t think of a more encouraging place to create and be inspired by arts.

My creative journey began many years ago in industrial design. I found myself working for a large corporation creating items to be mass produced. While I enjoyed the challenge of my career, my work didn’t fulfill me artistically or spiritually. My search for more fulfilling means of expressing myself introduced me to my great passions in life–natural and organic food and items, sculpture, jewelry made from stones and naturally occurring materials, and visual art that reflects my spirit and my ideals.

Everything I compose is a one-of-a-kind item. Each product, down to the packaging, is an original handmade piece. I want my art to make my costumers feel exclusive. My work celebrates your individuality, and mine, as a unique and genuine expression.

I urge you to peruse my website and enjoy my work. My blogs are filled with DIY entries, glimpses into my work, and artful life lessons from yours truly!


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    • bonjour johnothon merci de vous être intéressé à ce site. I would love to talk about your ideas.
      Do you have an electronic device that would accommodate/ facilitate such a conversation? I have this 🍏 pad that allows face to face conversations via FaceTime or the like.

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